We have combined years of career experiences in educational consultancy, school leadership, teaching, grant management, and community outreach. Our diverse experience provides you a partnership for meeting your education, communications, and writing needs. We are excited to provide academic coaching and consulting to students, schools, families, and community organizations. Together let’s create strategies for continuous success within a continuous cycle of transformative living and learning.

About Our Founder and CEO: Tia Lott, Ed.S.

With over twenty years as an educator, Tia has dedicated her career and service to partnering with others to create equitable and sustainable opportunities for student success. Her educator experiences range from classroom teacher to Educational Specialist and Educational Consultant. Whether working with fellow educators, students, or families and community her passion is supporting students in realizing their largest dreams through capitalizing on their strengths and talents. Tia is known for providing individualized service, validation and affirmation that she provides to those that she supports. Through this individualized attention she has the ability to provide strategies and practices that suit individuals or teams.

Tia Lott, Leveraged for Success

With an Educational Specialist degree in Advanced Educational Leadership from Regent University and a Masters of Science in Educational Leadership from Old Dominion University, Tia has served in school administration, curriculum and instruction, teacher, and academic coach.  No matter the role or position, she enjoys ensuring that all students build self-efficacy, improve academic standing, and enjoy learning. Providing tailored strategies that address individualized teaching and learning needs, Tia has experience in raising student performance to a level of sustainable and replicable achievement, and she attributes her instructional success to culturally responsive teaching.

Tia enjoys quiet days on the beach, writing, reading, and crafting. She speaks often of family, because faith and family are her anchors and motivation. She accredits boldly dreaming to the well being and ongoing growth of her family, and she absolutely takes joy in joining students and those who support students in boldly dreaming and achieving those dreams.

About Leveraged for Success

Leveraged for Success partners with students to activate ideas and transform dreams and potential into reality. We have combined experience in education, academic coaching, and strategic planning and implementation. We collaborate with individuals to identify goals, propel plans, and measure progress towards college and career success. 

Leveraged for Success Tiers of Support

With a belief that all things are possible for all people through faith, diligence, and attention to distinctive needs, Leveraged for Success serves to optimize the talents, skills, and potential embodied in individuals. We strive to ensure that dreams and goals are equitably achieved, through partnering with secondary and college students who seek to better define their course of action towards college and career. We support students in articulating their dreams, defining goals, and determining an actionable plan.