On Day 1, you were able to identify your strengths. Specifically knowing how you best perform in personal, school or work tasks helps you to strategically leverage your strengths in the direction of your goals. Just as we each have our own individual styles and preferences, we also each have challenges and areas for growth. Recognizing our weaker areas is actually another one of our strengths. When you are aware of the areas or skills that give you the most trouble, you can match that challenge area with a strength to keep your momentum up and to tackle the harder times.

How might you leverage your strengths to improve areas for growth?

Week 1: Identifying Your Individual Preferences

Having a plan for skills that you find difficult is a part of your success plan.

Day 2:

Your Daily Success Move: Recognize who you are as a student – even in its imperfection.


  • Identify, name, and list those skills, areas, tasks that you find difficult.
  • Consider areas such as: skills, networking, study habits, organization, creativity, wellness, relationships
  • Along with your success goals, consider your areas for growth and create an improvement goal.
  • Consider how some of your strengths from Day 1 might help you to balance or overcome that challenge.
  • Share with your success partners.
  • Identify a mentor whose experiences are aligned with your goals both success and improvement.
  • Celebrate wins no matter the size.

Benefits: Self reflection and planning work best when we are considering are full selves – strengths and weaknesses. Remember Improvement is an integral part of successful plans and steps.

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