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College Success Challenge Day 1: Know Your Student Strengths

We each have our own individual styles and preferences to getting things done and to living our lives. No two people find success the exact same way, although some of us may have some similarities. It’s the same for you as a student. It really helps to identify your student strengths.

How do you prefer to get student things done? What works well for , and what challenges you?

Week 1: Identifying Your Individual Preferences

The first step to student success is knowing your go to moves and maximizing those strengths.

Your Daily Success Move: Take Student Success Style Quiz. Make a list of your go to success moves.


  • Take the Student Success Style Quiz Linked Here! This quiz will help you to identify and name your go to moves as a student.
  • Find a common place for your College Success Challenge notes.
  • Next, jot a list of your habits, strategies, routines, or talents that bring you success.
  • To get you started on your list, consider how you: prepare to study, study course content, start & end your day, communicate with instructors or classmates, remember important dates, get your reading done, maintain health & wellness, engage in activities, serve others, or even participate in past times.
  • Also, consider your strengths outside of student life. Your personal routines, strategies, and talents contribute to your student success as well.
  • Share your success moves with a friend or family member. Remember to identify success partners. They can support, add insight, and hold you accountable. Plus its just fun to talk things through with others.

Benefits: How do you know your next best step without knowing your strengths?You increase your student success by knowing what you do well. Your strengths are your springboard to creating goals and action steps.

Check out these resources!

Reflection Resource: Linked Here

Day 1 Video >>>>>>>>>

It’s Day 1 Video – College Success Challenge!

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